To establish the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area, and for other purposes.


Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area Act - Establishes the Abraham Lincoln National Heritage Area in Illinois.

Designates the Looking for Lincoln Heritage Coalition as the management entity for the Area.

Allows the Coalition, using funds made available under this Act, to prepare a management plan for the Area and reports, studies, interpretive exhibits and programs, historic preservation projects, and other activities recommended in the plan.

Prohibits the Coalition from using Federal funds received under this Act to acquire real property.

Directs the Coalition to submit to the Secretary of the Interior a management plan reviewed by participating units of government within the Area's boundaries which shall, among other things: (1) contain a comprehensive program for conservation, interpretation, funding, management, and development and historical, cultural, and natural resources and recreational and educational opportunities of the Area; and (2) include a business plan detailing the functions of the local coordinating entity and of activities included in recommendations contained in the plan. Requires the Secretary to approve or disapprove the proposed plan not later than 90 days after receiving it.

Authorizes the Secretary to provide technical and financial assistance to the Coalition for the development and implementation of the management plan.

Requires the Coalition to provide assistance and encouragement to State and local governments, private organizations, and persons to protect and promote the Area's resources and values.

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