To amend title 31, United States Code, to provide a clear line of demarcation with regard to private ownership of any coin, medal, or numismatic item made or issued by the United States Government before January 1, 1933, and of any piece produced by the United States Mint before such date, that is not in the possession of the United States Government, to establish requirements with respect to the inventory of certain United States coins, medals, numismatic items, and other pieces produced by the United States Mint that are owned by the Department of the Treasury, and for other purposes.


Numismatic Rarities Certainty Act of 2007 - Declares that any coin, medal, numismatic item, or any other piece made or struck by the U.S. Mint before January 1, 1933, that is not in federal government possession shall not be considered to be U.S. property unless it is reacquired by the United States for value given in a sale or exchange.

Instructs Secretary of the Treasury periodically to compile and report to the President and Congress on an inventory of such items owned by the Department of the Treasury.

Requires transfer to the Secretary of any such item that comes into U.S. government possession.

Prescribes procedures for disposition of such items, including historic preservation, public display, and sales at public auction.

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