Supporting home ownership and responsible lending.


Expresses the sense of Congress that legislation should be enacted that protects buyers who have been victims of unscrupulous mortgage brokers and lenders.

Urges that such legislation: (1) include an anti-predatory lending provision that bans unfair and deceptive practices; (2) require lenders to evaluate a borrower's ability to pay over the life of the loan (at the fully indexed rate for the fully amortized amount); (3) establish federal regulations regarding licensing, education, and experience requirements for mortgage brokers and loan officers in non-bank companies; (4) require that disclosures be written in plain language and prominently displayed in a manner that is visually clear and effectively communicates the intended information to the potential borrower; (5) reduce or eliminate prepayment penalties; (6) notify potential home buyers of lenders or brokers with high foreclosure rates; and (7) mandate pre-loan counseling.

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