Expressing the sense of Congress regarding the failure of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority to properly implement education reforms aimed at reducing the cultural roots of terrorism.


Expresses disappointment with the slow pace of education reform in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the sense that continual delay of reform should not be accepted.

Urges Saudi Arabia to: (1) reform its textbooks and education curriculum in a manner that promotes tolerance and peaceful coexistence with others, develops civil society, and encourages functionality in the global economy; (2) reform the curriculum which Saudi embassies distribute internationally, specifically the textbooks which the embassies are distributing to Saudi schools, including those within the United States; and (3) cease teaching Wahhabism.

Requests the Secretary of State to monitor and report on the efforts to reform the Saudi education curriculum.

Encourages moderate Muslim leaders to speak out against any elements of extremism within the Saudi educational system.

Urges the Palestinian Authority (PA) to: (1) remove any inciteful dialogue about martyrdom and jihad and anyanti-Semitic references from its textbooks; and (2) officially recognize and accept Israel in maps and educational texts.

Expresses the sense that educational reforms in Saudi Arabia and the PA are necessary in the global struggle against terrorism.

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