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Hydrogen cars are not only the future, they are here, now. When hydrogen cars become the status quo, the U. S. can lessen its dependence upon foreign oil, achieve lower prices at the fuel pumps and cut down on the greenhouse gases that produce global warming. The future of hydrogen cars is not a pipe dream, as there are already many hydrogen cars on the road. California and Japan have many hydrogen cars being used as fleet vehicles now.

However Personal ownership is not an option. Individuals can not purchase Hydrogen vehicles at any price. Free markets do not exist when monopolies can prevent competing technologies from entering the market.

100% Smog Free! 100% Oil Free!

Only through grassroots Legislative effort can we force these products to be sold to individuals. This is a campaign for our Liberty.

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Legislation SupportedCSN
H.R.1841 To amend the Clean Air Act to reduce sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide, and mercury emissions, and for other purposes.

This Legislation is a no brainer. We need to limit the toxic wastes in our neighborhood.

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H.R.2227 To greatly enhance America's path toward energy independence and economic and national security, to conserve energy use, to promote innovation, to achieve lower emissions, cleaner air, cleaner water, and cleaner land, and for other purposes. | Add a comment111
H.R.3660 To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to promote tax parity between the residential and business fuel cell tax credits.

This is a weak Bill at best, support Tax breaks for Stationary Fuel Cells. We add this to our list because it is the only Legislation in our backwards congress that acknowledges Hydrogen Fuel Cell technology. We need this technology in our ...

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Legislation OpposedCSN
H.R.2283 To amend the Clean Air Act to permit the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency to waive the lifecycle greenhouse gas emission reduction requirements for renewable fuel production, and for other purposes.

Everyone please post your Letter to Congress Members here to fight this bad Legislation.

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H.R.2454 To create clean energy jobs, achieve energy independence, reduce global warming pollution and transition to a clean energy economy.

The Waxman-Markey Bill has been flushed out as a Trojan Horse full of Subsidies and Tax breaks for the Oil & Coal industries.The Voters only have themselves to blame, they send the same jokers back to Washington year after year.

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110-H.R.632 To authorize the Secretary of Energy to establish monetary prizes for achievements in overcoming scientific and technical barriers associated with hydrogen energy.

I support Hydrogen Technology additions to our Economy, but it's time to STOP funding Science Projects and focus Government resources on RELEASING the Products to the Market. Such as the Honda Clarity and Solar Station! ...

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